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Welcome to the Bible Explorium; this is a suite of tools designed to take you further into the Bible. There is something for everyone. Simply find where you are in the list below and start exploring! Some usage statistics since Jan 2012 can be found here.

I am new to Bible Study Well the best way to start studying is to simply start reading the Bible! You can do this simply by selecting what you want to read from these options. You can read either the King James (viewed by many as 'the' Bible) or the New Kings James which uses modern language and is a little easier to read.

    Chapter:     Version:    

If you have a particular verse you want to find but do not know the reference then try typing two or three of the words into the search tool.

      Version:             Help! Tutorial

Of course it is also good to try to start to memorize parts of scripture; a tool to help you is here.
I've been studying for a while and want to dig a little deeper. The first thing to note is that the search box above has lots and lots of features; consider taking the tutorial - I can just about guarantee it will have a feature you haven't thought of.

That said the Explorium does have two specific features aimed at those that are starting to dig in deeper. First is the 'verse analysis tool'; this looks a lot like the Bible Reader up above - but it provides far more detail about a particular verse - including cross references and commentary. (It roughly corresponds to a very big Study Bible)

    Chapter:    Verse:  Version:    

An interesting alternative is to view the Bible not by verses; but by words. It order to help with this the Explorium has a word analysis tool; simply type the word you are interested in into this box:

Word To Analyze:           

I'm a serious Bible Student and want start to consider the original languages The Explorium does not support Greek or Hebrew directly; it does however support Strong's numbers. These are essentially a numeric encoding of the root of each word in the original language. Using them you can explore all of the meaning of the original; but without having to deal with the original alphabets. There are two easy ways to start exploring Strong's numbers. Either you can read a Bible verse and see Strong's numbers in the verse:

    Chapter:    Verse:  

Or find all the Strong's numbers that have been translated to a particular English word by typing the English word in here:

English Word:           

If you haven't done it already you may want to go and investigate the search tutorial in the beginners section; it has some special features for Strong's numbers.

I know the Bible at a detailed level and want to investigate the way the original languages were translated Working from the Strong's number system it is possible to do some detailed statistical and lexical analysis on the original Bible languages. The starting point is the Strong's number; from here you can investigate both the English which was produced from the original and also the patterns in which the original words appeared.

Strong's Number:     Ignore English:         

For the 'heavy hitters heavy hitter' we also have a tool which allows the various original Greek manuscripts to be compared and contrasted. The Manuscript Relationship Calculator is not as easy to use as some other parts of the Explorium though!
I am a Christian Website owner Anyone is welcome to link to the Explorium. You can either link to this page or you may replicate the forms on this page to link to allow the search criteria to be entered on your own site. If this is easy for you then feel free to do it using anything from this page you wish. If however you would like a little help then please feel free to contact me at

It is also possible to integrate your website more fully with the Explorium. This involves some modifications to your web-pages to point at the Bible Reading part of the Explorium whenever you have a Bible Reference. This also produces a file which you send to me and which will cause the Explorium to point back to your website if a verse is viewed which your site talks about. This process is fairly automated and is detailed here.


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